Welcome to Revert Canada, Inc.

Revert Canada, Inc. are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Revert, Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario, operating across Canada. Revert’s mission is to offer an unmatched on-site service to render client’s data inaccessible and secure, via a variety of means depending upon the clients’ needs. If a client needs their media to remain operational, Revert will eradicate (overwrite) to international standards; however, if it is simple destruction, Revert can degauss, crush or shred the media on-site.

Revert offers certificates of eradication or destruction per serial number and meets any international standard the client requires. Revert also specialises in on-site devise and media disposition; securing data inaccessible and then arranging to have devises and media to be disposed of by removing from site and recycled to meet local, provincial, and federal laws and industry regulations.