A major, Boston-based, financial services company required fast action in one of its far flung international locations to secure its critical IT assets prior to an office move. Moreover, they required their ITAD vendor to provide the identical process and rigor as it does in every other geography on Earth. Revert quickly assembled a team of its local and global resources to deliver consistent, quality services on-time and on budget.

A major bank was moving locations and reallocating resources in Greater Sydney, Australia and needed IT removal and destruction services, as well as data destruction services on all hard drives in their facilities. Being a branch of a U.S. based bank, they had to comply with the company policies for such work as mandated by the corporate office in Boston. Given the delicate balance of vacating a building while moving into another, the project was in a time crunch from the outset.

International presence

As the preferred provider for eradication and electronic waste management services for the bank, Revert not only had relevant resources in the region, but an international team with consistent knowledge and skill sets that could provide supplemental resources on short notice. Revert was able to aggregate additional resources in support of the local team to cut a very large task down to size. Moreover, the collective knowledge of the team assured the bank that the work was performed to the same exacting standards in Sydney as they have come to expect from Revert in Boston and elsewhere.

The work

The Revert team in Sydney performed the following tasks:

  • Organized and serialized hundreds of laptops, desktops, servers, and monitors for destruction
  • Degaussed all hard drives on site
  • Contracted and managed a certified recycler in Sydney to handle all of the removed assets
  • Completed the project in the five-day window mandated by the bank
  • Responsibly recycled 4,868 kilograms (5.4 tons) of electronic waste while ensuring 834TB of sensitive data was secured, protected, and destroyed

For this bank and other international financial services clients like it, Revert delivers a comprehensive array of IT asset disposition services that can be delivered locally and can scale as necessary. Moreover, clients can count on Revert to deliver those services in every corner of the world to an identical set of policies and procedures, no matter which Revert employee or team of employees is doing the work.

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