Question: How do you properly disposition thousands of desktop systems across more than one hundred sites in one of America’s most populated states?
Answer: With comprehensive planning and execution provided by an ITAD expert.
Revert has proven time and again that it has the skills, creativity and scalability to tackle the most time critical and mission critical ITAD projects.

A large IT services supplier needed a partner to perform a complicated statewide data destruction program for multiple dispersed state organizations in New Jersey. Stringent state environmental and data privacy standards mandated that these services be performed on-site at more than 100 locations.

It was part of a massive technology upgrade program that was designed to refresh desktop technology and leverage new applications to enhance public safety, human services and workforce development. The timing and complexity of the technology rollout drove an aggressive and challenging schedule that the initial destruction/recycling partner simply could not cope with. That is where Revert stepped in.

The old technology pretty much had to roll out in lock step with the new systems coming in. But what to do with the thousands of old PCs and, more important, their hard drives containing sensitive data?

Some of the larger sites had large numbers of PCs and hard drives, while others had very few. Other sites had backup tapes as well. Revert designed a cost-effective plan to cover the one hundred sites over a year’s time.

The customer needed to send the drives and tapes to a certified recycler that could destroy them, but first all data had to be rendered inaccessible prior to leaving their host locations.

On-site degaussing

Revert deployed a team to perform the day-to-day hard drive and tape degaussing. Revert also provided a detailed process for control of all drives through degaussing, shipment, and physical destruction.

  • Drives and tapes were documented and degaussed at the government sites using powerful, portable and state-of-the-art degaussing technology
  • Degaussed drives and tapes were then organized and shipped to approved and certified electronic waste recycling facilities for final destruction and responsible recycling
  • Each state agency was provided with serialized documentation for degaussing, physical destruction, and recycling
  • Databases were set up by the Revert program management team to control material flow, serialization, and all reporting back to the state customers
  • Regular meetings were set up to plan and schedule all work and site visits for over 100 locations
The bottom line
  • The customer received daily degaussing services at over 100 sites throughout New Jersey
  • All degaussed drives and tapes were managed by serial number from pickup through physical destruction at approved and certified recycling centers assuring environmentally proper disposition
  • Customer received daily reporting of all drives processed
  • Customer received a steady, reliable and unobtrusive service with the entire program managed end-to-end by Revert
  • 3.5PB of sensitive data was secured, protected, and destroyed

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