Revert specializes in on-site disk eradication/sanitization services, assuring that information-bearing hard drives are completely free of data before leaving the premises.


Revert uses state‐of‐the‐art, purpose-built mobile platforms and our Enterprise-class Verity™ Eradication Application software specifically designed to completely eradicate data on hard disk drives (HDDs) on‐site, preventing unauthorized access to data and assuring chain‐of‐custody integrity. Revert complies with rigorous industry regulations and governmental legislation regarding data privacy and protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI).

Revert’s Verity™Eradication software eliminates data not just from user-addressable space, but it also identifies and resets – prior to eradication – areas of the disk drive that are hidden from operating systems and applications, such as Device Configuration Overlays (DCO) or Host Protected Areas (HPA). This is an especially important consideration in meeting the verification requirements for NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, a standard that has become increasingly important in enterprise environments.

We generate detailed reports and certificates of eradication by HDD serial number, which provides audit-worthy and verifiable assurance that the data was rendered inaccessible in compliance with more than twenty (20) internationally-recognized and published data sanitization standards.

Our technology supports all HDD types, including ATA/IDE, fibre channel, SAS, SATA, and SCSI from:

  • Any enterprise and midrange storage and server vendor, platform, operating system, and disk format
  • Any desktop/workstation/laptop vendor, platform, operating system, and disk format

We address any need, including:

  • Eradication of data from failed HDDs from enterprise and midrange storage systems, servers, desktops, and laptops for return to the vendor for replacement under warranty
  • Eradication of data from enterprise and midrange storage systems, virtual tape libraries, servers, network appliances, desktops, and laptops for technology refresh and lease returns

Revert eradication services ensure that data is rendered inaccessible without destroying the physical HDD, allowing HDDs and/or systems and servers to be re-purposed, reused, resold, or returned to vendors for warranty credit.

Our software and platforms are highly scalable, enabling us to perform timely, large-scale system eradications on the raised floor with minimal disruption to client operations.