On-site Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Data Eradication

  • All user data, including data in host-protected areas (HPAs), dynamic configuration overlays (DCOs), remapped and/or reallocated sectors, and alternate tracks, is overwritten and verified
  • Operational data about the HDD, such as P-List and G-List, is preserved
  • Eradicated HDDs can be returned under warranty terms after all user data has been eradicated and verified, and any remaining warranty credits remain in force
  • A certificate of data eradication is issued for every HDD where the service has been successfully completed
  • Eradicated HDDs can be redeployed, extending the potential lifespan of the HDD and system
  • An on-site disk degaussing or physical destruction and recycling service sanitizes any HDD that fails to complete the data eradication process