Major Managed Health Care Organization – Dramatic Savings by Sanitizing Failed Media

“This is the best insurance policy I could ever buy.” Coming from a senior executive in one of the world’s largest managed health care organizations, that is high praise for Hitachi Data Systems and its partner, Revert Inc. Together, they delivered a highly scalable, reliable solution for the disposition of hard drives and other storage […]

Data Destruction and Enterprise IT Asset Take Out Down Under

A major, Boston-based, financial services company required fast action in one of its far flung international locations to secure its critical IT assets prior to an office move. Moreover, they required their ITAD vendor to provide the identical process and rigor as it does in every other geography on Earth. Revert quickly assembled a team […]

Large State Agency – Hundreds of sites, Thousands of Assets

Question: How do you properly disposition thousands of desktop systems across more than one hundred sites in one of America’s most populated states? Answer: With comprehensive planning and execution provided by an ITAD expert. Revert has proven time and again that it has the skills, creativity and scalability to tackle the most time critical and […]

Large Healthcare System – Eradicating Complex Flash Media

When a hard disk drive (HDD) fails in a large disk array it must be sanitized prior to return to the vendor for warranty credit. If it isn’t returned it may result in a bill of hundreds of dollars or more. With hundreds, or even thousands of drives failing in large data centers it doesn’t […]

Enterprise Software Vendor – Massive Sanitization Requirement

A high growth, cloud-based CRM vendor must invest continuously in the leading edge of IT infrastructure to keep its business humming. When annual customer and revenue growth exceeds 25 percent, year in and year out, that translates into a massive appetite for storage that must not only meet growth needs but evolve to handle increasing transaction […]

Regional Non-profit Healthcare System – Asset Recovery

A non-profit healthcare system with some three million members maintains a careful balance of caring for its members’ health while adhering to the highest standards of economic and environmental stewardship. Ninety percent of every premium dollar it receives goes directly to patient care. To maintain that high standard, the organization must maximize the value it extracts […]

Fast-paced SaaS Vendor Enlists Fast-paced Eradication Partner

When your business is moving at light-speed, your storage environment just has to keep up. User growth, competitive pressures and customer expectations combine to stress IT infrastructure at every level. That’s the story with a leading cloud-based CRM vendor that is setting growth records year-after-year. To meet intense quality-of-service demands while maintaining optimal price-performance, the […]